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annual child photo For the first time on our blog I'm going to talk about Ella. My little girl turned two recently and I got to shoot her annual "White Chair Photo". The tradition started by pure coincidence - when she was born I laid her on a chair in our home studio to take a photo of her in the new hat my friend, Erika had crocheted for her. A year later, I came up with the idea to do a shoot when she turned one and follow up every year. I liked the idea of everything being the same from year to year so I used my white paper backdrop, a white shirt, and the white wing back chair. It wasn't until after I took that photo that I found the one from when she was first born and put them together.  I really looked forward to shooting the session again this year and now that I have three photos I feel like it's a nice little collection.

 For all of the moms out there - here are my tips for planning an annual session like this:

 1. Choose an outfit that you can easily duplicate. Something with a solid color like white worked well for me but you could also choose a different solid color each year, or a different shade of the same color (blue would work well).

 2. Choose a spot that you can go back to. It doesn't have to even be inside, you could do the photos outside if you would like to use natural light. I'm glad I chose the white backdrop because we just moved last month and I wouldn't have been able to duplicate the background if I had used her room or other recognizable spot in our house.  Of course, you could always set up a session with me.

 3. Put this on repeat in your calendar. I use iCal (Apple) and I set this up to auto repeat on Ella's birthday so I don't forget.

If you start doing these I would love to see them.  Add my email to your calendar as a reminder and show me your annual photo series in a few years.  No, really... it's  I would be thrilled to find out I got someone started on this!!! annual child photo Pin It