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my grandmother.

My grandmother (Grammie) passed away a week ago today, mother's day. She was a generous and kind woman who left behind a family who loved her dearly. She had three children (mom mom and two aunts), three granddaughters, one grandson, their spouses, and a local community in Pennsylvania that will miss her. It was sad to hear that she passed but also a relief. She had been struggling with Parkinson's and dementia which made her last months a struggle to even communicate. She had told her family she was ready to join my grandfather in heaven and we are happy that her physical struggle is over.

On Tuesday I baked Grammie's cinnamon buns in her memory. I packaged them to bring up to Pennsylvania and share with my family. We also made recipe cards to set out at her funeral. Jay and I flew up for her funeral on Wednesday and stayed through last night. We actually had a great time having dinner, laughing, and reminiscing with my family. My grandmother will be missed by her family and friends but we have great memories of her life, well lived.

grammie's cinnamon bun recipe
grammie's cinnamon bun recipe