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We are Alison and Jay, a husband and wife photography and videography team based in Northeast Florida. We create beautiful memories to share today and preserve for a lifetime.

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My family's holiday card.

Every year my family takes holiday pictures to put in our Christmas cards. I'm an only child - so we'd rotate the pictures: just me one year, then all of us the next. When Jay and I got married, he became part of the pictures too.

The photo is almost never something standard, we try to be a little creative. Some years have been more out-of-the-box than others. One year when I was about 5, my mom painted a sheet with a Christmas tree and cut out a hole for me to be the angel on top. My dog, Rebel, was a reindeer laying in front of the painted backdrop wearing strapped-on dog antlers. Another year my mom painted a sheet depicting a rooftop with Santa at the chimney. She cut out holes for my dad to be Santa, while my mom and I were dolls peeking out from his toy sack. The photos using painted sheets for the scene were my favorites. It was a little hokey, and that's what made them great.

It's been a while since we've done a painted sheet photo. Now, we try and come up with ideas that are a little less hassle. When my parents are in town for Thanksgiving we take the picture, and the last couple years I've designed the card around the photo. This year we went with "mistletoe" for our theme. Here are the three photos that made it: our final card design...

Millers Holiday Card