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Demi and her family were in St. Augustine last week to tour Flagler College but I'd like to think the highlight of her trip was her senior portraits with me. I got the whole family involved, her little cousins got her to smile by dancing around and making silly faces (I told them I'd love to hire them) and her parents took turns holding the reflector. I had so much fun... if I could shoot senior portraits everyday I would. Demi did an awesome job modeling. She could turn the smile off and on like a light. She'd be laughing and I'd say, "okay, now a serious look" and she snapped into a fierce model expression. I love it!

She's from Albuquerque, NM which can be added to my short list of previous long distance seniors from Ohio and Nebraska. When you live no where near the beach, what better time to do senior pictures than on your beach vacation?!

Demi, way to work it!

st augustine senior portraits
senior portraits st augustine