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The Wedding Authority

The Wedding Authority is a wedding planning company located downtown in the Lightner Museum. They do it all; Sandy, Carla, and Barbara plan the events and Carla's husband Bill performs the ceremonies. They also have their own chapel, the Amore Wedding Chapel, right off the courtyard of the museum as an option for smaller wedding ceremonies.

I met Carla and Bill when I shot my very first wedding in March of 2006. Carla has a very southern accent, "Hi darlin', I'm Carla." I'm not sure that she actually said this... but I wouldn't be surprised if she had. She was so welcoming and helped me feel comfortable right away. She told me where to stand and where the wedding party would walk in from so I didn't feel lost... little did she know how nervous I felt that it was my first wedding. And Bill performed the ceremony. He has a way of commanding attention, a presence that is very fitting of a minister. His service always feels like it was made just for the couple. I teared up when this brie and groom exchanged their vows... I did this for probably the first 20 weddings I photographed. It still happens sometimes when a couple has a really personal ceremony. I'm sentimental like that.

Anyway, the folks at the wedding authority said they were redecorating their office and asked if I would like to put something up. "Mmm, yes!" So I made a collage from one of the last weddings I shot with them and had it printed nice and big. It was the first time I got to use our new logo.